Monday, October 01, 2007

885 MMMM Top 100: Grateful Dead Tour

I know time often passes in a blur, especially for some Deadheads, but the entire dead tour as a "moment"? Okaaay. I was never a huge fan of their music, maybe that's why I only went to one of their shows, at the Vet in Philly sometime in the late 80s. What a long strange trip that was ... even before we went through the gates. I remember my buddy Dan looking a bit bewildered as we walked by a group "partaking" in a certain illegal substance. I didn't buy any incense, or tie-dye shirts. But I remember having a lot fun that day! But don't ask me about the music though.

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Dee said...

I've never been to a Dead show, but I'm pretty sure I would have had a much better time with the "traveling fair" outside the venue, anyway!